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C2P05E 62XL (BK, Tinte)
CHF 19.30
Peach C2P05E 62XL (BK, Tinte)



2.3 von 5 Sternen

3 Bewertungen zu Peach C2P05E 62XL (BK, Tinte)

User helljester
C2P05E 62XL (BK, Tinte)

Not worth the trouble for this model of printer cartridge.

As soon as the cartridge is installed, error messages keep popping up on the printer and on my computer to tell me that my cartridge is empty, a counterfeit or remanufactured. To make matters worse the cartridge keeps drying out; I need to re-clean the print heads and re-print my documents every few days. I cannot recommend this cartridge unless you are someone who empties a standard black cartridge every week and really needs to reduce their ink budget.mehr


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