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PMA-720AE (Verstärker, 2 x 85W, Silber)
CHF 349.–
Denon PMA-720AE (Verstärker, 2 x 85W, Silber)

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3 beantwortete Fragen zu Denon PMA-720AE (Verstärker, 2 x 85W, Silber)


ich höre über TV - Radio swisscom box mit Verstärker (Denon) verbinden Radiosender Stereo
hatt es einen ausgang am verstärker für diese Verbindung?

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User romanvasic

Can you recommend good compact/bookshelf speakers working well with this amplifier? My old one 6Ω/60W are too loud. I can use only them only with lowest volume set.

1 Antwort
User romanvasic
Akzeptierte Antwort

I'll answer to my own question. The speakers are ok. Just the product is for the different target audience and a bit bigger space. I consulted it with two hi-fi studios in Zürich and in both cases they agree that the device is ok even in combination with my speakers. It is just for bigger space - too powerful for my usage. I have to choose different product to be able to set volume in smaller steps according my needs and expectations. Currently when using remote control it is enough to slightly touch volume up button two times to have music too loud. The situation is not better when manually turning the volume knob. I decided to return the product as it clearly does not fit my needs.