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MB2750 MAXIFY (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe)
CHF 160.–
Canon MB2750 MAXIFY (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe)

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1 beantwortete Frage zu Canon MB2750 MAXIFY (WLAN, Tinte, Farbe)

User d.kuenzler

1. Windows 10 is now installed on my PC. I have been recommended the Canon MB2050 MAXIFY. Is this (MB2750 MAXIFY) the updated version?
2. Do I have to order one USB cable in addition?

1 Antwort
User Stefan Franchi
Akzeptierte Antwort

The Maxify MB2750 is the replacement of the Maxify MB2350. Yes, if you don't want to connect with Wifi, you need an USB cable (A - B) like digitec.ch/en/s1/product/va...