• HS5-I (Aktiv, 70W, 1 Stk.)
  • HS5-I (Aktiv, 70W, 1 Stk.)
CHF 211.–
Yamaha HS5-I (Aktiv, 70W, 1 Stk.)

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User mmissfelder
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You do not connect the two together. Both have their seperate cable. You can either use balanced 6.5mm jack cables (TRS) or XLR cables. Or a combination of the two (XLR on one side, TRS on the other). What do you want to connect to it? Then i can give some recommendations ;-)

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User simonruggle

Both the monitors to each other and then afterwards to my computer

User mmissfelder

Again, you cannot connect them to each other. They do not have a link-option. Now to connect them to your Computer, you could either use a split cable from TRS mini to two TRS 6.5mm or TRS mini to two XLR. But to keep all the cables balanced i would use an audio interface. Maybe a Behringer or a Focusrite. I'll post some links later.

User mmissfelder

This would work: Cordial CFY 3 WPP - Y-Adapterkabel (3m, Midrange, 6.3mm Klinke, 3.5mm Klinke)
But the 6.3mm have only ome black ring at the tip. That means that the cables are unbalanced and thus they are more likely to pick up noise on the way to the speakers.

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