• TL-WA854RE (300Mbit/s)
  • TL-WA854RE (300Mbit/s)
  • TL-WA854RE (300Mbit/s)
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Tp-Link TL-WA854RE (300Mbit/s)

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User nimibachar

Firmware upgrade question:
The repeater is causing me some connectivity issues (slow speed, 1Mbps with the repeater vs 40-50 Mbps with phone hotspot or 100Mbps with Wifi connection with the main router).

I wanted to do a firmware upgrade in order to solve possible instability issues.

I have TL-WA845RE V4

The CH site of TP-Link does not offer V4 - Max V2 is shown.
The DE site shows V4 but no match on the first build 191126
The DK (Denmark) site shows V4 with match on initial build of 191126 and newer version 2020-04-30 (build 200415 shown as TL-WA854RE(EU)_V4_200415)

The DE site offers newer build like TL-WA854RE (EU) _V4_201102. Can I use this one although the DE site does not have a record of the initial build ?

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User Maude Comte

We usually do not recommended to uprgade it like this without prior consultation with manufacturers technical support. There is to many reasons the product will endured some issues after that. Due to fact that newer versions of the firmware especially if they are available on portals that are for different market might have dlighter differences that can make some features work or not or even make whole product unusable You may contact our costumer service if the problem persist.


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