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Verlegekabel TWIN (500m, STP, Kat. 7)
CHF 740.–
Wirewin Verlegekabel TWIN (500m, STP, Kat. 7)

Frage zu Wirewin Verlegekabel TWIN (500m, STP, Kat. 7)

User Brimstone

Kinda, TWIN simply means "Double cable assignment" for example if you are doing telephone and internet connection, it features not one line but two lines integrated. Maybe DUAL would have been a better definition.

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User Brimstone

Just to make it clear, it's not a 2x 500m package/offer.

User vikram.gorla

I was thinking if it has double/twin cable of 500m or if the offer is 250m of double/twin cable!


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