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  • 2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s)
  • 2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s)
  • 2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s)
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myStrom 2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s)

Bewertung zu myStrom 2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s).

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2000 Connection Kit (2000Mbit/s)

Wifi still faster (with same ping and jitter returns) than with the MyStrom setup

Don't get this tbh.

Bought the starter set to boost my connection and to just test the product but made no difference what so ever compared to my WiFi setup.

Wifi connection directly to the UPC box (500mb/s line) : D/L Mbps 76.5, U/L Mbps 51.7
wiFi connection to Apple 1st Gen Time Capsule : D/L Mbps 71.3, U/L Mbps 50.1
MyStrom connected directly in the wall as instructed : D/L Mbps 70.3, U/L Mbps 50.4

Not fully recommended tbh


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