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49LH510 (49", Full HD, LCD)
LG 49LH510 (49", Full HD, LCD)

Bewertung zu LG 49LH510 (49", Full HD, LCD).

User gjguidi
49LH510 (49", Full HD, LCD)

Very recommended TV which a basic set of smart features that will allow this appliance to offer the same pleasure of use for years (compared to premium features which expire after one year).

A TV screen which has in the screen itself its strength.
No premium features (like ad free access to stream services) which will expire.
Simple menu allows access to all features.
Great colours in still images and high contrast on movies, especially HD ones.
Very recommended because in the epoch of smart-TVs, such a basic OS paired with such a good quality screen it's rare and, at least for me, very much appreciated.


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