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  • USB 3.0 Hub (5Ports)
  • USB 3.0 Hub (5Ports)
CHF 46.60
Delock USB 3.0 Hub (5Ports)

Bewertung zu Delock USB 3.0 Hub (5Ports).

User jpstadelmann
USB 3.0 Hub (5Ports)

There may be other USB hubs which are equally good, however, for the time being I'm very satisfied with the Delock device.

I have selected the Delock USB Hub to
a) power a Raspberry Pi via its charging port and
b) to connect and power a 2 TB WD MyPassport disk containing WAV files.
The Raspberry Pi is running Mate 15.10 and the actual Squeezebox Debian server release and the WAV files are also accessible to a Sonos system. The goal was to have
1) a music server always online and
2) to use as low overall power as possible.
The total "system" is using 6.7 W when the MyPassport is asleep and 8.8 W when the disk is turning. The "system" is running since 2 weeks without any problem and replaces (as a music server) the Synology DS214+ which eats up 28 W and more.


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