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  • Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
  • Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
  • Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE)
CHF 17.40
Spigen Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE)

Bewertung zu Spigen Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE).

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Ultra Hybrid (iPhone 5/5S/SE)

super case with discoloration issuses

This case lasted two years before beginning to come apart at the seams.

The best part: I drop my phone all the time and this case has protected and kept it from getting a cracked screen.

The not so nice part: it looks really spiffy, clear and clean for about a month or two, but then the cases discolors and turns into a champagne color...

I bought this case again because it protected my phone so well.

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