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  • TS-251A
  • TS-251A
  • TS-251A
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Bewertung zu QNAP TS-251A.

User sreejiths

Simple yet Powerful 2 bay NAS

Upgraded from old QNAP NAS TS-221. Looking for the functionalities of an x86 based system. Especially the virtualization features.
The performance of VM is really nice and the Windows VM is quite responsive.

Only issue I noticed is that the size of the VM disk can not be reduced once it is created.Once you allot the space, the VM size will grow and fill that space, and will not release the free space on NAS even though the space is released inside VM. This can be solved with starting at a smaller size like 50GB/100GB than the default 256GB and using an imaging solution for future re initialization of the VM

Over all very happy with the product. Highly recommend this model than going for an ARM or APL based QNAP NAS.


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