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  • My Book (8TB)
  • My Book (8TB)
  • My Book (8TB)
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WD My Book (8TB)

Bewertung zu WD My Book (8TB).

User ch.ris
My Book (8TB)

Research WD Support User Forums to be sure it will work as you intend

Good if you want external storage linked directly to you computer.
It comes pre-formatted to work with Windows and Mac. I can give it 5 stars for that.
But it is not formatted to be recognised by WD MyCloud drives which is what I bought it to do.
I had to connect it directly to my computer and reformat it to be recognised. After that it works very well.
I had to search for support on the WD website to find this out. Otherwise I was considering returning it.
Not great that WD makes current products that are not compatible with each other out of the box.
Maybe they send a MyCloud firmware update one day to correct this.
It all sounds so simple when you are buying.


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