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  • THEBE (Over-Ear)
  • THEBE (Over-Ear)
  • THEBE (Over-Ear)
CHF 19.90

Bewertung zu SPEEDLINK THEBE (Over-Ear).

User thkala
THEBE (Over-Ear)

Not recommended

The earcups on this headset are not hinged; instead of settling around my ears, all the pressure was at the top part of the cup, while the bottom two thirds would not touch by head at all. Trying to adjust the headband length to account for this only led to the band not touching the top of my head at all.

Apart from being very uncomfortable, this meant that there was no sound isolation from my surroundings at all. I had about the same level of isolation as a CHF 5 office headset.

Even worse, the whole construction felt cheap. I did not expect metal finish or gold-plated plugs, but I've had other headsets in the same price range and this one was by far the worst of them.

Let's hope I'll be able to return it...


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