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  • UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum)
  • UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum)
  • UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum)
Ultimate Ears UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum)

Bewertung zu Ultimate Ears UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum).

User mariedumas
UE ROLL (2.1 Kanal, Sugarplum)

Great Speaker!

This is an AWESOME speaker -- just the perfect size. Its 9 hours of battery life is plenty, and it is really well constructed and so handy for portability. I often hang mine on door handles, on the radiator, behind a curtain (the instructions tell you not to do that but it works fine if you have some ventilation), and my guests are amazed at the usefulness of this speaker. The only thing lacking a bit is the bass, because the higher ranges of tones are crystal clear. There are plenty of reviews on the internet by sound professionals who praise this model. This speaker really fills a room and is a fine replacement for a traditional music system. You won't be sorry you bought this!


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