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  • EO-EG920 (In-Ear, Blau)
  • EO-EG920 (In-Ear, Blau)
CHF 19.–
Samsung EO-EG920 (In-Ear, Blau)

Bewertung zu Samsung EO-EG920 (In-Ear, Blau).

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EO-EG920 (In-Ear, Blau)

Great comfort for little price

This headset are very comfortable and affordable. The box contains several spare rubber including a couple with wings for better fixing in the ear. I particular like that old style desig, meaning that the headset does not go inside the ear but stay outside. It provides less noise isolation but much more comfort, at least for me. The only defect I can tell is that they are a bit delicate. I have already damaged two after several months of continuous usage.


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