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MHG-X100 Metall Handgriff (Handgriff)
CHF 85.90
Fujifilm MHG-X100 Metall Handgriff (Handgriff)

Bewertung zu Fujifilm MHG-X100 Metall Handgriff (Handgriff).

User jpincog
MHG-X100 Metall Handgriff (Handgriff)

Great addition with functional and style!

This hand grip is very good. It meets all of my expectations which I found written by so many others on the internet. The fit and finish is of the same high quality as the rest of the camera itself. Very happy with how it looks and with how it adds additional grip-ability for hand-held shooting (one or two handed). The only real down-side I can see about this (or any other hand grip) is that the Fujifilm leather case (or other after-market leather cases) will not fit the X100T with this grip. But, that should be obvious to most buyers considering a hand grip.


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