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EW-7811UN (USB 2.0, 150Mbit/s)
CHF 19.–
edimax EW-7811UN (USB 2.0, 150Mbit/s)

Bewertung zu edimax EW-7811UN (USB 2.0, 150Mbit/s).

User othbert
EW-7811UN (USB 2.0, 150Mbit/s)

Good performance, but the small size makes it a must buy

Perfect usb wifi dongle for raspberry pis. Small size keeps your project dimensions manageable.
Supported out of the box in every distro I've tried so far, including: raspbian, openelec, piCore etc.
Performance has never been lacking for moderate distances (max tested approx 30m, or through two walls, no line of sight)


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