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DCS-8200LH Panoramic HD
CHF 139.–
D-Link DCS-8200LH Panoramic HD

Bewertung zu D-Link DCS-8200LH Panoramic HD.

User guillernos
DCS-8200LH Panoramic HD

Good and easy Camera

Easy to install just Plug & Play. Good image quality. The microSD save you money if you don't have a NAS for video Surveillance. NightVision is OK, just like it is described, not the best Night vision. My biggest disappointment and Problem it is the Camera doesn't have a Web Interface, you can use only with the free App. The App doesn't have a lot of functions Over the App you have a delay of few seconds depending probably of Internet speed

Easy Plug & Play
Good image quality
No Web Interface
Night vision
Delay Video over App

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