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  • IB-AC611 (4Ports)
  • IB-AC611 (4Ports)
CHF 56.–
ICY BOX IB-AC611 (4Ports)

Bewertung zu ICY BOX IB-AC611 (4Ports).

User bojanmartin
IB-AC611 (4Ports)

Get the TP-LINK hub instead

Pretty terrible product actually. Says it's USB 3.0 but actually caps data transfer rates to around 35 MB/s. Only gives you 5 ports, one of which is annoyingly a charging-only port, and one of which is horribly placed on the top. The main USB 3.0 Micro-B connection on the back is also a little finicky.

Bottom line: The product works, but really not that well.

Recommendation: Get the TP-LINK hub instead (I have both and the TP-LINK is way faster, has 7 ports, looks much nicer and costs the same): TP-LINK USB 3.0 Hub (7Ports)


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