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  • DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
  • DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
  • DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz)
CHF 145.–
Beyerdynamic DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz)

Bewertung zu Beyerdynamic DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz).

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DT 990Pro (Over-Ear, Schwarz)

Full sound with an open design

Really amazing, full sound. Even though they are 250 Ohm I can drive them just fine from a Macbook Pro and a Nexus 5x. I really like the open design, which supposedly allows for a clearer sound - and also lets me interact with people reasonably well while still wearing them when needed.


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