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  • Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau)
  • Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau)
  • Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau)
GoPro Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau)

Bewertung zu GoPro Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau).

User shadygawad
Hero 6 Black (12MP, 60p, Grau)

From an expensive top level manufacturer 6th generation camera I am very unimpressed

Go pro application doesn't work on my phone (MOTO Z2 PLAY) also bought at digitec.
Passed on 30/6/2018 to Lausanne shop. After 30 minutes of tries they could only admit the problem and said it was a software /compatibility issue with my phone. It apparently does connect but as soon as a function is used the app throws an error and directs the user to the non working support how to solutions.

Basically the support asks to reset all connections on phone and GO PRO, after reconnect the problem is still the same.
The application does work on samsung tab S3 and sony phones but not on MOTO.
Basically an android software bug/incompatibility

Also I had problems where I cannot turn off the device reliably. After turn off sometimes the Go Pro uses battery at a rate of about 20% per hour in standby and gets extremly hot... beeping every 10 minutes or so... Only way to turn it off was to remove the battery.
When putting back the battery without turning on the camera the overheat in standby mode continues....
Apparently a firmware/standby bug.


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