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  • BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160)
  • BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160)
  • BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160)
BenQ BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160)

Bewertung zu BenQ BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160).

User whiskeyrich
BL3201PT (32", 3840 x 2160)

Expensive, but if you have the money, worth it.

Gorgeous picture, once I switched from HDMI cable to DisplayPort. (Learn something new every day) I have two AMD 7970s in Crossfire, and they barely handle this monitor. Will end up water cooling the GPUs or replacing them, because now that I've seen 4k, I don't want to go back to HD.

The stand is very solid, the entire monitor seems very well built.

My only complaint is the menu buttons are hard to see what you're pressing.


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