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  • 3 Kopfhörer (Black)
  • 3 Kopfhörer (Black)
  • 3 Kopfhörer (Black)
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Fairphone 3 Kopfhörer (Black)

Bewertung zu Fairphone 3 Kopfhörer (Black).

User Boltzmann

Everything I was expecting

Overall I like these a lot, fit better in my ears than the Skull Candy ear buds I had to replace. The cables have a non-stick surface so they don't get jumbled up and pull on surfaces like silicon ones do (due to high friction). The over-behind ear looping keeps them secure for running. They come with a little bag and different ear inserts. The actual cable length is good for my needs, might be a bit shorter than other ear buds. I like the microphone and volume control buttons. I use these with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro. ANC would be a nice feature, but I was most interested in having some earbuds that won't die too fast and can be repaired, so for that I love these so far.

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