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Siberia 350 (Over-Ear, Black / Orange)
CHF 125.–
steelseries Siberia 350 (Over-Ear, Black / Orange)

Bewertung zu steelseries Siberia 350 (Over-Ear, Black / Orange).

User Miflof
Siberia 350 (Over-Ear, Black / Orange)

Don't buy it

This Hesadset is a joke.
The Steelseries Engine 3 driver doesnt work with it. No matter what you configure, it doesnt change one thing. you could turn of the mice and everyone can still hear you. If you unplug and inplug it again it may not work again until you restart your pc.
7.1 doesn't exist.
Its a shame that this abomination of a headset can even be sold.

Design, it looks nice
The sound is just beyond everything i ever got, you could get way better quality for 20 bucks
Doesnt work with its own driver

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