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NS-6130 (Network Audio Player, Midrange)
CHF 462.–
Onkyo NS-6130 (Network Audio Player, Midrange)

Bewertung zu Onkyo NS-6130 (Network Audio Player, Midrange).

User olhachaban
NS-6130 (Network Audio Player, Midrange)


I've recently purchased an Onkyo NS-6130 player, and already discovered 2 issues:

1. Onkyo claims the player can play hi-res files up to192kHz-24bits. The playback up to 96kHz is Ok, however at 192kHz, the player is struggling, the sound quality is terrible. It seems to be the case with DSD 5.6, although I only have 1 album in this quality.
2. The player simply failed to connect to my wifi, despite my best efforts, period.
Perhaps I've just got a broken player, but be careful.
I'll be returning mine to Digitec. Will try the NS-6170, perhaps will have more luck with it.


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