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GTX 1080 STRIX 8G-GAMING (8GB, High End)
CHF 777.–Mit kostenlosem Zusatzprodukt

Bewertung zu ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX 8G-GAMING (8GB, High End).

User elawem
GTX 1080 STRIX 8G-GAMING (8GB, High End)

Best value for money for now

I was not sure what the differences between the standard 8G-Gaming and the 08G-Gaming were besides the factory OC.
Now I know that it is the only difference.

I was able to boost the card for now to:
Power Target 120%
GPU Temp Target 92C
GPU clock offset +150MHz
Mem clock offset +300Mhz

With the fans at 75%, the temp is around 70C in a 27C room - it is hot right now in Zurich.

I can surely boost the card more as I have not seen a single artefact for now. I am just waiting a few days before pushing it harder.

OC possibilities
Price/value ratio right now in July 2016
Asus reputation in video cards
A boosted 1080 can get crazy amount of FPS in 1440p
My previous Strix cards lasted long with no problem under OC
Let's hope the 1080 Ti does not ship too fast with even better performance

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