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  • RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0)
  • RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0)
  • RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0)
CHF 79.–
RAVPower RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0)

Bewertung zu RAVPower RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0).

User Anonymous
RP-PB059 (20100mAh, iSmart 3.0)

Best price/quality

Best travel companion. I used it to charge my Kindle (1 time), Iphone6 (2 times) and my wife's Samsung S7 (2times) during a long holidays trip and it did the job. Also size and weight is perfect.


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