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BL-42D1F (Akku, G5)
CHF 34.50
LG BL-42D1F (Akku, G5)

Bewertung zu LG BL-42D1F (Akku, G5).

User Gabbo
BL-42D1F (Akku, G5)

Badly designed battery/phone that doesnt really work

Battery worked slightly better at the beginning than the one that I had in the phone which was causing problems.
However, after a few months the performance deteriorated just the same as the original (when the phone LG-G5se gets to 20% indicated battery power, you have maybe 5minutes use left before it dies.

"fast charging" also doesnt work (same with the original battery hence the replacement).
After 15minutes fast charging the device says I have 30% battery (which should normally give several hours of use).
After unplugging from charging, within a couple of minutes I have a warning that there is only 15% left & then a couple of minutes later the phone switches off.
Charged overnight, only with the official charger provided.

Overall, I get less than12 hours of background use from the battey with light usage of SMS/WhatsApp.

Also, the manufacturing date was from 2015 (older than the battery provided with the phone) so I assume its just been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for 2.5years before I bought it.


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