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  • Film Scanner Super 8 - Normal 8 (USB)
  • Film Scanner Super 8 - Normal 8 (USB)
CHF 424.–
Reflecta Film Scanner Super 8 - Normal 8 (USB)

Bewertung zu Reflecta Film Scanner Super 8 - Normal 8 (USB).

User wilson

An entirely practical way of getting old films into MP4 files and ready for sharing.

As expected from reviews elsewhere it does the job well enough in default settings, to turn family amateur ciné films from the 1960s into very viewable .MP4 files. The firmware is dated 2018 and it seems there are some changes from the earlier versions. The files show the coding resolution is now 1440 x 1080 at 20 frames per second (rather than 960 x 720). The file size is about 250MBytes per 3 1/2 minute film.

Family members have been amazed when looking on their iPad sized screens. It’s all about the memories the films have stirred rather than the absolute quality.

I have scanned 70 three minute films (15m/50ft) - the ‘counter’ numbers frames scanned rather than files in the latest firmware, so the counter adds up to nearly 300’000 already. For a few films I will try making adjustments and rescanning, but only to extract the maximum from some poorly exposed or framed sections.

The price paid (SFr422) seems high for the product when unboxed on delivery, but it’s worked out at about 35% of the price of the cheapest ‘professional’ scanning service.

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