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8 (5.20", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Blue)
CHF 379.–
Honor 8 (5.20", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Blue)

Bewertung zu Honor 8 (5.20", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Blue).

User sulphursouls
8 (5.20", 32GB, Dual SIM, 12MP, Blue)

Amazing phone for an amazing price

I had high hopes for this phone and it exceeded them. Stunning build quality, great screen, fast performance and great camera. Weighting feels just right and it's beautiful, terrified of it slipping out of cold hands though so will get a case for winter. The EMUI launcher upsets some people, but I think it's a great hybrid of Android and IOS. Gives you great control over notifications, power usage and data usage. Previously had Samsung Galaxy Note and iPhone, now sold on Huawei and will get one of their tablets too.

Build quality
Rapid charging
Slippery, will probably need a case

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