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  • Photo Sport BP 300 AW II (Rucksack)
  • Photo Sport BP 300 AW II (Rucksack)
  • Photo Sport BP 300 AW II (Rucksack)
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Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II (Rucksack)

Bewertung zu Lowepro Photo Sport BP 300 AW II (Rucksack).

User evajanina

Almost exactly what I was looking for

I own a Nikon Z50 with 50-250mm zoom lens and 16-50mm lens. They all fit in the camera compartment with enough room left for a larger or 2 small-medium sized lenses, same would go for my Nikon D3300.
There is a strap with buckle closure, that is connected to an internal cord, and can be tightened to secure your camera and lenses in the compartment, in case you would actually go running with this pack. The camera compartment is separate (though not removable) from the rest of the backpack, which means I can stuff an extra garment underneath the compartment in the bottom of the backpack, and my laptop can slide 'in front' of the compartment.
The back length of the backpack is quite short, and so am I, so I am very pleased with the fact that I can wear a camera backpack that actually fits me. Another huge plus are the hip belts, so that not all the weight is carried on my shoulders.
A small minus is that, although it is a 30l pack, it is smaller that both my other 30l backpacks (Gregory Torre and Fjällräven Bergen for reference). And the pockets on the hip belts could be a bit larger in my opinion, they are too small to fit my Samsung S9+.
Overall I am happy with this backpack. It has the features most important to me and is large enough to carry extra things for a day trip, in both summer and winter (think extra downjacket).

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