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RV130W: WLAN VPN Router
CHF 96.90
Cisco RV130W: WLAN VPN Router

Bewertung zu Cisco RV130W: WLAN VPN Router.

User matteoguglielmi
RV130W: WLAN VPN Router

A small router by cisco with true vlans

The router is pretty small so it is suitable for small environments only. It's also not like any other router such as Asus or Synology for it has a basic (but working!) support for vlans, which was the main reason I wanted this router. The only thing I regret is the lack of compatibility between its vpn servers and the iOS's native vpn clients. In order to be able to connect to the router via vpn you'll have to buy a third party product such as TheGreenBow vpn, which is only available for windows though! So, no way to connect with a mac/iPhone at all for PPTP was also recently removed from the router's firmware (obselete/unsecure vpn anyway).


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