PS5 or Xbox Series X ?

I'm currently gaming on PC, always have been, and I would like to switch to gaming on consoles as soon as the next gen is available.
I'm not satisfied with PC gaming anymore (too much problems with settings to tweak, drivers issues, problems, costs a fine 2000.- more.) So the next console generation is appealing thanks to their raw power and how simple the daily usage is. Just power it on, update your game if needs be, and there you go. As simple as that. No driver issues to worry about, no graphical issues, settings to tweak, it's a lot simpler ! :D

What console should I get ? I already own a PS4 Pro with a handful of games. Both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 have the same price, the Xbox is more powerful on paper but the PS5 seems strong enough, I'm not sure if there will be much of a difference.
I don't really care much about 4K and would like to play @1080p.
Also, I've heard that you can add a second SSD inside both the consoles, is that true ?

And at last, I'll be playing mainly on solo as I'm not a fan of online games.

Thanks for the help :) , what console would you suggest ? I'd like it to last as long as possible !
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I'd say better wait until around after christmas, consoles degrade in prices pretty fast, so there could be good deals or bundles with games you like and maybe higher availability by then, currently they are sold out almost everywhere I assume.

Another bonus would that most of the day one bugs are fixed and you get more, less rushed, reviews for both consoles.

I can't recommend one Console, Hardware isn't that big of a concern.
Just look what most of your friends play if you want to play together, what games are available or announced that you like, which controller you prefer etc. decide on whats important to you.

About the second SSD, I haven't looked much into it, but iirc the Systems own SSD can be changed, and I guess it will be the same as the current consoles that you can add more storage via USB
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Let me say it like this...

Due to Xbox Game Pass ( Ultimate if you still play PC ) I'm now stuck with 50.- sitting on my account ( MS will be removing Cortana from the Harman Kardon Invoke come next year so they gave us 50.- as an apology ) collecting dust with practically nothing worthwhile to spend on because I already own every game of interest to me on my Xbox - Xbox Game Pass already was THAT good of an offering and with MS now owning Zenimax and all the Developers Zenimax itself owned their First Party Lineup very much just skyrocketed past what SONY could ever brag about in terms of Exclusives.

Xbox Game Pass will also give you access to the Highest Tier Next Gen Games the day they'll be released whereas SONYs competing PS Plus ( or whatever it is called ) will only give you access to a limited selection of last Gen ( PS4 ) ones. The Microsoft Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 is also the very best in terms of holding a controller in your hands and if Gaming is kind of important to you is a no brainer purchase remaining compatible with the Series X/S Consoles ( SONY PS4 Controllers, apparently, will not work on the PS5! )

Regarding the additional HDD... Yes, all consoles will have the ability to add External SSD/HDD to increase capacity but ONLY the Series X/S will ALSO have the option of using a similarly specked NVMe SSD like the Internal one - SONY may beat Microsoft in speed with their Internal NVMe SSD but that comes at the cost of only getting like 850GB of space opposed the Series X 1TB ( Series S 512GB ) and the already mentioned inability to keep the system at that level when adding more external space.

IDK... I think its kind of an easy decision which Console to go with and it's not SONY ( unless you NEED the Exclusives only available on the SONY Consoles but even then... )
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@Flori347 Hi, thanks for the advices !

For obvious reason, I wasn't going to buy consoles on Day 1, because of the amount of problems, fixes and the lack of games and bundles. I intend to wait a bit, read some reviews and see how it goes, somewhere around christmas, as you suggested. :)

Alright, thanks ! The Xbox does seem more powerful but as you said, it's not that big of a concern. My friends will probably follow me, depending on what console I choose, so that's not a big concern either. Seen that I will mainly play on solo modes and history modes, this really isn't a concern ! :)
The PS5 Controller does sound quite interesting, it really is a tough choice hahah !

I see, thank you very much for your help !
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@Durahl Hi, thank you for the very helpful advices.

What does that Xbox Game Pas do exactly ? I've got quite a handful of games on Steam on PC, does it mean that I would be able to import them and play them on a Xbox Series X ?
I've also heard that just like the PS Plus, you can have access to free games every month. Do those games remain yours once the free period is over, just like the PS Plus allows ?
Pardon my ignorance, I've never been interested in a Xbox before, or consoles in general for that matter. I'm just using the PS Plus as a comparison because it's pretty much all I know hahah.

The way you talk about that Game Pass really makes it interesting :) !
I do have another question. As I already own multiple games on my PS4 (10 games or so, half are exclusives), if I go for a XSX and get that Game Pass, will I need to buy a whole new Xbox game library ? Or does the Pass let you play games without having to pay for each of them ?
Does the Pass also make discount prices on games like the PS Plus does ?

I see. I think that the "stock" controller provided along the XSX will suffice for now, I'll try it for a bit and see if I need another controller, thanks for the help !

Ohh, this is really interesting. So, not only does the Xbox have a 125Gb bigger SSD and allows you to add another internal NVMe SSD ? Does it have to have the same specs as the stock internal SSD or can I add a 2Tb (or bigger) ultra fast NVMe SSD, like a Samsung 970 Pro for exemple ?

Well, I have a little too many questions at the moment to really make a good choice, I really don't know anything aobut Xbox hahah so it's complicated to make a decision now. I do know that some of the Sony exlcusive games that I like can also be bought and played on my PS4 Pro, so it should be ok for some time. I'm not going to lie, the Xbox Series X really sounds amazing.
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@SwissNergized Think of Xbox Game Pass as the Netflix of Games - Pay a monthly fee and play from a selected pool of Games available via the Microsoft Store otherwise only playable via purchase. The Games available include all Microsoft published 1st Party Titles ( Like the entire HALO Franchise, Flight Simulator, Gears of War, Forza/Horizon, etc... ) and a handsome selection of 3rd Party Titles ( Destiny, Resident Evil, The Outer Worlds, etc... ).

And like I already mentioned with the acquisition of Zenimax, game franchises like DOOM, Wolfenstein, Dishonored, Skyrim, Fallout, Prey, etc... will now also come to XBGP and possibly even turn Xbox Exclusives - Either that or forcing SONY to the table to stop their exclusivity BS.

The regular Game Pass will only cover playing on an Xbox whereas Game Pass Ultimate will also allow you to play these games on a PC. Both include Xbox Live for online Gameplay and Xbox Gold which allows you to permanently add up to 4 Games per month to your Library though which games you cannot choose ( Except for the 1st Party Titles - like with Netflix, Game Pass games are subject to enter and leave the Service )

If a new 1st Party Title like the recent Microsoft Flight Simulator is being released to the public for purchase it will automatically be added to XBGP - I'm not exactly a Flight Sim nut but I still wanted to see what all the fuzz about it was so I made use of my XBGPU subscription and downloaded it for "free" - Didn't exactly like it so I stopped playing after like a day - No loss on my part except for downloading 100GB for null but hey... At least I didn't pay 135.- for the Premium Deluxe Version which I could test 😏
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Xbox game pass is basically Netflix for games. It has a large library of games from which you can chose any and install and play it with no extra fees (well unless the game offers in game transactions and you really really want that donkey to ride around or whatnot). The library of games is constantly updated, some games get removed while other get added. All Microsoft first party games are added day 1 though (and sometimes before that as preview) and never get removed. In addition you can opt to pay for the Ultimate version which includes the same offer for PC so you also have the PC catalog to play.

Edit - forgot to mention that the Ultimate also includes game streaming at no extra cost if I understood well so you can get your controller and android phone and play on the go as long as internet connection is decent.

Apart from game pass library of games, if you get the Xbox live which is needed to play almost any online game (yes you mentioned you play only multiplayers but still good to know) you get every month a couple of games to download and keep forever. Even if you later cancel your xbox live subscription.

About games you can transfer from PC to Xbox, there are several games you can buy on one platform and play on the other but I think it only applies to games bought through Microsoft. So if you have lets say Halo bought on PC through Microsoft store then you'd get it on xbox the moment you sign in with the same microsoft account. I don't think you could transfer Steam games though.

For which console to get is a more tricky question and depends mostly on the type of games you like. Best thing to do is look through the catalog of upcoming games and see if there's anything that's on your must play list that's exclusive to one or the other. I'm usually playing most games on xbox but have a PS4 for the few exclusives I wanted to play. Got the xbox on launch and PS4 on a huge discount later on. There are many things that one can consider when choosing but I found that this generation getting the PS4 later on with a nice discount was the best thing I did. At that point since PS4 was so popular I could pick up most exclusives second hand for next to nothing :).
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Thanks the both of you for the advices and explainations, it helps a lot ! You kinda convinced me to pick the Xbox Series X ! :D

I'll get the Xbox first and its Xbox Game Pass, and then, near the second or third quarter of 2021, I'll look for a PS5. ^-^

It seems a lot more interesting and promising to me than Sony's early releases. Besides, seen that Playstation will release some of its new game for both the PS4 and the PS5, and as I already own a PS4 Pro, I'll still be able to enjoy some of the upcoming games just fine until mid 2021 at least :) !

Thank you all for your help, sorry that I wasn't able to reply sooner !
Have a nice day !
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Hello @SwissNergized ,

I see you have been convinced to buy the x box series x. But I want to add a few things. I am like you, I also do Pc gaming a lot. I own Gtx 1070 and I want to switch to a Console as it's just cheaper and more convenient to play this way.

I would say choose your console based on the games you play. It's true that Xbox gives a lot of games free with their Game pass but in my opinion, their games are just as good as the games Sony provides. Sony's Exclusives are so much better than Xbox's. Games like Spiderman, God of war, Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, etc It's just better than Halo and Forza or anything that Xbox has to give. And about the storage, you can still add NVME storage to the PS5 and it will still be faster or equal than Xbox(depending on what type of storage you add).

Basically, for me, it was the games. I personally feel that PS5 games are far superior to the Xbox. That's why PS4 was more popular than Xbox one. That's the reason why I will be going with the PS5. I hope this helps you :)

Thank you. Hope you find your perfect console :)
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Honestly id get the Xbox series S and game pass unless you game on a 4k TV then sure get the high-end consoles. Unless you really want to play some of the PlayStation only titles like spiderman etc. than id get the Xbox series X. Note that Bethesda studio games will most likely be Xbox exclusive from now on if you care about those. Also the xbox can use old controllers from the xbox one so you can save some money there
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Not sure what to make out of it but there's now apparently rumors of talk for Steam integration to come to Xbox as well.
GameRanks discussed it with there being a screenshot where Phil Spencer was in talks with Gabe Newell.
Maybe something like being able to stay in touch with your Steam friends will come out of this.

A little correction on my first post though - The PS5 will have support for adding more "external" Storage of the same speed as its internal one via a PCIe 4.0 M.2 Drive that can be added INTO the console though truth to be told I personally still prefer the more portable/protected ACTUAL external solution Microsoft has come up with.
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