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TP-Link Archer T3U Mini (USB 3.0)
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TP-Link Archer T3U Mini

USB 3.0


vor 4 Jahren
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Drivers not available, product is not working

The instructions for Ubuntu installations do not work at all and To install on Windows not possible if no cd player is present since the drivers are not available on the website link referred to in the manual. I would expect Digitec to take more responsibility to check the validity of the information provided by the vendors and also their own information in regards to Ubuntu installation in this case. Very disappointing. 

  • noisequik

    vor 4 Jahren

    Hello, you mut go on the US website to find the drivers.

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  • Anonymous

    vor 4 Jahren

    Using Linux requres a certain will to figure things out yourself. All you have to do is use a newer kernel.

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