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MOVETIME  Family Watch MT40X (44 mm, Plastica, 4G)
TCL MOVETIME Family Watch MT40X (44 mm, Plastica, 4G)


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Not good customer support with lots of bugs in the mobile app

The phone takes random pictures time to time which seems to be either a bug or even a hack enabling hackers to access the phone/watch reemotely.

The app stopped working and our account was disabled once for no reason.
We had to report it to them. They asked us to create new accounts with another email address! without giving any explanaiton after almost 10 days. All the photos taken in the memory of the phone was automatically deleted!
Very bad product and bad customer service. Not sure if personal data or informaiton are safe.


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  • unreliable
  • app not working time to time
  • strange behaviour in app and phone
  • random pictures taken