• Runner V3 Gyro
  • Runner V3 Gyro
  • Runner V3 Gyro
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Amewi Runner V3 Gyro


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User igrode

awaiting on warranty, the products promises a lot. I am looking forward to fly it.

Please note my comments are for a customer with an on going warranty process.
the plane packaging arrived in perfect conditions, but I noticed right away the propeller was poorly installed deviated by about 20 to 30 degrees to the right. I was not expecting such inaccuracy.

Then once I charged the batteries and powered the control I made basic test of the 3 channels it runs on.

Propeller, OK
Vertical flaps,NOK
Horizontal flaps, NOK.

Meaning no direction on the plane was working. I have to return the item straight away. and has been 2 days since the package was received at the "Conrad AG" but still no response.
I would guess due the current pandemic the are over loaded, which is fear they will be late. for that I am okay.

Still pretty disappointed for the quality of this toy.
I would buy it again though, it is promising.
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User chrispower

Tiptop für Einsteiger

Ich bekam wahrscheinlich das zurückgesendete Modell vom anderen Kommentator mit dem schräg monitierten Propeller. Ich kaufte diesen Flieger als Geschenk für einen 8 Jährigen und bin wirklich zufrieden. Gyro funktioniert einwandfrei und dankdem der Propeller nicht an der Nase ist, hat er bereits auch schon eine Landung im Baum mit nur leichten Kratzern überstandenpiù
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