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8 (5.20", 32GB, Doppia SIM, 12MP, Black)
CHF 399.–
Honor 8 (5.20", 32GB, Doppia SIM, 12MP, Black)

Valutazione su Honor 8 (5.20", 32GB, Doppia SIM, 12MP, Black).

User freeform2020
8 (5.20", 32GB, Doppia SIM, 12MP, Black)

Massively impressed. Love it.

I bought the honor 7 last year because I needed a dual simulation Android phone. It met my requirements, but was a little clunky to use. Over time, I quickly realised that having a dual aim phone (work/private) in the one device was the only way for me. Then came the honor 8.

Ive always said, I love apple hardware, but absolutely hate their software. This was the perfect choice. It's basically a 5.2" iPhone 6/7,with a glass back (super slippery!) and a dual camera that DOESN'T protrude.

Image quality is great, images are sharp, and the phone focuses quickly. Display quality is also good, it's a nice IPS display instead of an oversaturated OLED display. White balance / colour shift is also available, so you can suit your preferences perfectly.

The OS is OK. Very apple like. I always swap out the loader with another with every android I have, this phone is no exception.

The kirin processor is snappy but not too battery intensive. I found I was still getting stellar performance in normal mode (instead of performance mode). I didn't buy this phone for games, but from what I've seen, it doesn't seem to struggle.

The sound is average. But I really don't know of many people that require stellar sound from their phones. In saying that, I did own a few HTC one's...

One negative is I find the earpiece volume is sometimes lacking. Not a huge issue, and as I'm certainly not deaf, I could imagine some older / hard of hearing people having an issue sometimes.

PS: Fast charging is amazing.

Qualità d'immagine
Amazing design. (thanks apple!)
Customizable display (colour temp etc)
USB C + fast charge
IR blaster works so well!
Sometimes earpiece seems a touch quiet
Speakers aren't amazing, but perfect for ringtones

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