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Valutazione su iROX EBR707C.

User michalskla

Great design, though not perfect for me (and a little buggy)

The overall design is great - especially the glass-like acrylic blocks with "3D icons".

That being said, after a few days of usage for some reason the "heavy storm" indicator (blue cloud block) started blinking and never really stopped (and no, there is no heavy storm, nor any wind; the weather has been really nice the last couple of days).

Also the black-on-blue LCD is pretty hard to see in the evenings (pretty dark + blue light doesn't help). If your use-case is to put this on a bed next to you, that's totally fine, but I was looking for something to put in a corner of the room (a few meters away), and this doesn't really work for me in such case.

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