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User fraudrkarencheng

Disappointing as it did not work at the first set-up and required repair already!

Was really excited to get MaraX but she disappointed right from the start, could not get the water tank sensor to work, hence was already stuck at the very first step as the hydraulics could not be started. The water tank was full and inserted correctly. I sent the video of the problem to the dealer at Lelit.ch, but in the end they could not help me remotely, and asked that I bring to the machine from Basel to them in Otelfingen or they could send the courier for 50CHF ( 2-way ). I decided to return the machine to Galaxus completely, in principle I do not agree to pay 50CHF for the brand new machine to be couriered for repair. The box is very big and heavy and cannot be managed with one person. I will get a less heavy machine in the future, maybe also a less expensive and simple machine. My interest in being a home barista has been affected by this experience.

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