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Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)
Philips Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)

Valutazione su Philips Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W).

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Hue E27 Starterset brown box (E27, 806lm, 10W)

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I read the characteristics of Philips Hue lamps, in the Internet, since long. Finally I decided to purchase, especially because of a 25% discount. The lamps exceed my expectations, they are fantastic! Now my white walls change in color every time I want. My wife doesn't insist any longer in re-painting walls with other colours. The lamps are very bright as cold and warm white as well. Overall I'm so satisfied, that I will purchase many more in the future. A product surely to recommend. As a bonus, I'm a software developer and I found that the lights can be controlled super-easily via a programming interface (REST/JSON); so I'm playing around with programming as well.

very bright white light, from very warm to very cold
huge number of colours
can be set to a colour, or white, separately
many applications for iPhone and Android available
integrates with iPhone Siri vocal interface
base price is far too expensive. Look for discounts, they are starting
must be operated with iPhone or Android, else the Philips switches are very expensive

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