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hi everybody my birthday is in 7 days and i would like to build my own gaming pc. i dont really have any knowledge or understanding in the subject so im asking you guys for help. i would like to keep the price under 1000 francs could you guys source me some parts to put in this thing.

thansk a lot for your help
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posted in PC components 1 month agolast Activity 28 days ago3
First of all, it's not really that great to build a PC without any knowledge, you should at least know the basics, otherwise you will most likely fail. It isn't the greatest time as well, because you can't really get any good GPUs for less than 1000 CHF, thats why I would recommend you the Intel i5-11600k, it has onboard-graphics, which you can use until the GPU-market is "normal" again. Ryzen CPUs are mostly rated better by many gamers, but you won't have any graphics until you buy a GPU.

Therefore the MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus is a decent motherboard, pretty good price value. The mainboard isn't really effecting your gaming performance though.

Storagewise I would recommend a 1TB M.2 SSD for now. You've got some space for games and they will load really fast (as well as the OS. If you want more storage later, you can buy a SATA-SSD or even a HDD (cheap price, slower than SSDs) and plug it into your PC. Samsung makes really good SSDs.

As memory, I would recommend the typical amount, 16GB with 3200MHz, no issues in performance whatsoever. Price value is really good with HyperX-Fury RAM.

For CPU cooling, Intel isn't known for delivering good products, so I would recommend you buy a aftermarket CPU cooler, like the Pure Rock Slim. Should be much more quiet and even more cooling than Intel's stock cooler. (Not really necessary though)

As for the PSU, I would recommend at least getting one with the 80 Plus Gold or higher certificate, mainly to save some power as well. I'd recommend you get at least 850W, so in the future, when you get a decent GPU, you're fine for years.

Lastly we got the case, that's based on preferences, but a good price value would be the Pure Base 500 DX from be quiet!
Good cooling, decent I/O, what do you want more?

So the total will be about 990 CHF but without a GPU, you'd have to double your budget to get a decent one.
I'm free for any remarks by fellow Digitec users, my recommendation is based on personal preferences.
YxngJensposted 1 month ago
posted 1 month ago
the corsair rm 850 isn't a good psu and it's overpriced... and you don't need 850w in a normal build (850w is used for dual gpu systems or systems with a overclocked ryzen 9 and a 3090) a straight power 11 with 650w is perfectly fine for a normal build (not a 3080 or so, but a 3070 work fine with a good 650w psu) -> my brother has a straight power 11 550w and a overclocked rx 580 (up to 300W) and a ryzen 5 3600, my build has a straight power 11 850w for a overclocked ryzen 9 3900x (250w) and a overclocked rx 5700xt (320w)
the 970 evo is a nice ssd, but here are cheaper alternatives
case: the 500dx is one of the best cases, but for a 1k.- build it's a bit to expensive...
i don't like intel, but at the time it's a good choice... ev a 11400 and a cheaper mainboard, but the 11600k should fit for a 1k.- build

gpu: buy a older amd-card, r9 380 or so -> shouldn't cost that much and should be able to run most of the new aaa games in 1080p with low - mid settings @35 - 60fps (cyberpunk 1080p low ca 35 - 45 fps)
ExtraTNTposted 1 month ago
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At this moment its nearly inpossible a new gaming pc for 1000. Search used ones that will serve you better for the price. For 1000 it should be possible to get hands on a pc with a 2060s or even with luck a 2070. If you want build it youself buy a new case that you like and then disassamble the pc and build it new. :)
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