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In computing, a mouse is a pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. Physically, a mouse consists of an object held under one of the user's hands, with one or more buttons. It sometimes features other elements, such as "wheels", which allow the user to perform various system-dependent operations, or extra buttons or features that can add more control or dimensional input. The mouse's motion typically translates into the motion of a cursor on a display, which allows for fine control of a graphical user interface.more

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User DifferentRob

Steelseries Sensei 310 / Rival 310

Hallo Digitec-Team

Habt Ihr schon Pläne die neuen Nager aus dem Hause Steelseries in Sortiment aufzunehmen?
Und falls ja, zu welchem Zeitpunkt wären diese verfügbar?

Beste Grüsse

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User whitelemur

Ciao DifferentRob

Melde dich bitte beim Kundendienst mit deiner Frage, die Community wird diese nicht beantworten können. Alle Kontakangaben findest du am Ende der Seite ganz links oder über den Menüpunkt "Kontakt" ganz oben links.


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