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What should you look out for when buying a TV and which innovations are out there? Hbb-TV, 3D, USB recording and streaming of online content has become the norm for most TVs. However, OLED technology, ultra-high definition resolution and Curved Design are still brand-new and not a standard feature. But how good are these innovations? OLED technology is synonymous with intense, lifelike colours, high contrast ratio, deepest black and excellent motion clarity. When compared to LCD and Plasma TVs, the difference is clearly visible. Ultra-high definition resolution (also known as 4K) equals 3840x2160 pixels – that’s four times more pixels than current Full HD resolution. This is a particular advantage when it comes to self-produced content as many cameras and video cameras are already UHD enabled. There are also movies out there in 4K; however, regular cable TV is not yet broadcast in 4K. UHD TVs are equipped with an upscaler that upscales Full HD content to 4K quality. Curved LED TVs are not only easy on the eye but also at the forefront of the trend to use large TVs in small rooms. The curvature increases the sense of contrast and spatial depth and enables viewers to see the full picture even at short viewing distance.more

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User fabien.gremaud25

Quelle TV ?

Comme j'envisage l'achat d'une nouvelle TV, en 65", j'aimerais avoir vos avis sur laquelle acheter ? Plutôt Samsung, Sony ou LG avec un budget de 2500 francs. L'utilisation sera pour des bluray et jeux XBox.

Merci à tous !

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User dylanguiducci

Salut, si je serais toi je prendrai une TV QLED ou SUHD de chez Samsung si ma pièce est bien éclairée. Car le Qled est beaucoup plus lumineux et les couleurs vives que le OLED.
Mais pour le OLED je le prendrai si ta pièce est sombre. Les noirs sont beaucoup mieux respecté car pour les noirs profonds les LED s'éteinent. Comme il y a pas de rétro-éclairage les noirs sont très. Mais sans rétro-éclairage la luminosité n'est pas très forte par à port au QLED qui possède le rétro-éclairage.

Mes meilleures salutations.
Dylan Guiducci

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