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PC cases

A computer case (also known as a computer chassis, cabinet, box, tower, enclosure, housing, system unit or simply case) is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer (usually excluding the display, keyboard and mouse). A computer case is sometimes incorrectly referred to metonymously as a CPU referring to a component housed within the case. CPU was a common term in the earlier days of home computers, when peripherals other than the motherboard were usually housed in their own separate cases.more

Discussion about PC cases

User DmitryReznitsky

Case usable for 2 or 3 low-profile cards

I need a case that can fit 2 (or 3) low-profile cards. A good example could be Dell Optiplex 790 Small Form Factor (can hold 2; or desktop factor -- can hold 4 cards). I need to build a pc in the same form-factor, but cannot really find proper case. I see only LC-Power LC-1400mi that seems like what I'm looking for. Hence is my question -- can you please point me to any other cases in Digitec that are capable of holding 2 low-profile cards?

Thanks in advance!

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