• Expansion Portable (4TB)
  • Expansion Portable (4TB)
  • Expansion Portable (4TB)
CHF 87.20
Seagate Expansion Portable (4TB)

Bewertung zu Seagate Expansion Portable (4TB).

User serg.remote

Write speed slows down

Pros: cheap.
- Write speed drops down from ~60MB/s to ~13MB/s after copying large amount of data (~100GB) on both Win 10 and Linux. Some reports say it might be due to the overheating.
- It also looks like the drive came with misaligned partitions, as my OS has reported: "Partition does not start on physical sector boundary". Unfortunately, re-partitioning didn't help to fix the speed issue.

I've purchased WD Elements of the same size, and it doesn't have any of the above issues.

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