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Vita Boost (1600 W)
Bosch Vita Boost (1600 W)


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very happy with the purchase

I made Smoothie, Cake filling, ice cream, salad dressing and soup with this machine, all turned out well.
The stick is very handy when it comes to blending solids, like nuts.
The only complaint i have is that it's not that
easy to blend small amount of less fluid mixture with this machine, since the mass tends to stick to the bottom edge of the jar.

It does get very loud in the ice cream mode though, but i guess it's a common annoyance that goes hand in hand with powerful motors.


after 3 months of frequent use, the machine started to release a burnt smell. The metal connector between the motor and the jar apparently started come loose, the friction therefore started to chip away the metal parts.

I sent the device back to Bosch for repair, they initially sent an email back claiming that the device had been repaired and was ready for shipping. But it turned out - after two phone inquiries - what the email meant was that the mixer was not repairable anymore and will be refunded through galaxus.

I'm curious how long i'll have to wait until i receive the refund...


  • poweful
  • easy to clean


  • only one jar
  • plastic jar
  • not durable
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