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WH-1000XM3 (ANC)
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Sony WH-1000XM3 (ANC)


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good music quality. crap noise cancelling. cheap build. way overpriced for what it delivers. failed after two months.

Sound quality is good (not great, too luch base, some mid frequency clarity missing) - on bluetooth and on cable. It's comfortable and stable. Noise cancelling is a joke - it creates immediate strain and pain on the ears - on public transports I hear people's talk better instead if less - general background noise is filtered out, while talk is not. Also NC affects sound quality of music listening because it kills important frequencies. Call quality is horrible - no clue why. Unfortunately after only two months it stopped working properly. one side is muted. probably because of the cheap plastic build. I treated the product with highest care. Still it failed. for this price I expected MUCH MORE. 


  • music quality
  • build and design
  • battery charge speed and durability


  • noise cancelling
  • phone calls
  • sone functions are stupid - automated NC when powering on
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