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  • Slim Juicer Battery (P20 Pro)
  • Slim Juicer Battery (P20 Pro)
  • Slim Juicer Battery (P20 Pro)
ZeroLemon Slim Juicer Battery (P20 Pro)



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Wrong buy

I read the directions and them I charged the Battery up to100%. And then when my handy was at 15%, I turned on the charger to charge it up. At 78% it ended, and no matter how many times i pressed to turn on the charger, it turned itself off.
The directions said to empty the bettery totally the first few times to insure the best possible battery charge. If you can't empty the battery, how can you expect to the best possible charge for your phone. and there can't be 5000mah because it was "empty" after my handy was 78% (4000mah battery). Wish I could give it back.
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