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Thin Fit (Nexus 6P)
Spigen Thin Fit (Nexus 6P)



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User andrelopes
Thin Fit (Nexus 6P)

This case does its job well and its price is fair.

This cover fits perfectly on the Nexus 6p, is easy enough to snap on and off, and doesn't add much bulk. It adequately protects it against scratches on the back of the device.
Aesthetically, it's quite minimalistic, so much so that the Spigen logo sticks out a bit too much. I would prefer it if the font was a bit lighter. But that's a personal preference.
The only real fault is the volume button's rim - because it's so thin and long, you can easily bend the cover at that point. This is especially bad when considering the Nexus 6p's construction flaw (youtube.com/watch?v=r3cWVdL...), so if would have been nice if this part of the case was actually reinforced.


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