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  • Micro Drive 500XL (500lm)
  • Micro Drive 500XL (500lm)
CHF 51.80
Lezyne Micro Drive 500XL (500lm)



Ø 2.0 von 5 Sternen

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User james_a_woods

Good light that you need to replace every 2-3 years

I actually have a couple of the older 450XL. When these lights are new, they are brilliant with great light, easy operation, and seem quite rugged.
The first problem is that it is possible to knock the rubber USB port cover off. Then it is black and impossible to find in the dark.
But the biggest problem is that the battery only lasts a couple of years. After 3 winters, I am only able to use the low power mode. At the full 450lm power it now only lasts for 3-5min. I really expect a light of this price to be good for more than 3 years.
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